By Refilwe A. Monnakgosi

I believe we can all agree that the year that was, 2020, was a taxing year for a lot if not all of us, however, aren’t we glad that we made it through. The resilience in us has made it possible for us to be where we are right now. Though faced with adverse situations and having to adapt, it has showed we can take on anything the world throws at us, right?

Take the next 12months as blank canvases that await the artists brush, that artist being you, paint and decorate them as you wish and make sure to keep your goals in sight to gain the bigger picture. Not just your career goals but your personal as well, this is a new lease on your life, another chance to take a swing at this life thing, so as they say go big or go home.

Even though 2020 has come and gone, let us keep in mind that COVID 19 is still amongst us and it is still a threat to life as we know it, as if it hasn’t changed life as we know it. Let us continue to follow protocols on staying healthy and safe and we can get through it, surely by now we have gotten used to the protocols and the regulations in place to staying safe. Now with that in mind chin-chin to the new year, and we pray it’s a smooth transition filled with blessings and good fortune.

masks up and sanitize!

Here are some tips from Forbes, The Muse, Business Insider and Ingenjören on getting back to work after the holidays just to get your feet on the ground:

1. Make a list– Create a list of items that must get done on your first days back. When you’re struggling to focus and don’t know where to even start, this is a great way to stay on track and accomplish the bare minimum. And try prioritizing your tasks.

2. Build in some transition time-If possible, do not schedule meetings during your first days back, you need time to prepare and get ready.

3. Keep the holiday feeling alive –Plan a braai or meet a friend for an ice cream after work so that you are not abruptly thrusted into reality.

4. Listen to music It can help you fight the sluggishness you’ll feel on your first day back to work. Listen to music that keeps you from falling asleep at your desk but also helps you concentrate enough to be able to do your work.

5. Do it together (team work makes the dream work) -Speak to your colleagues. Everybody feels the same. You can give each other pep talks.

6. A positive attitude -Focus on the positive and avoid the negative.

7. Sub targets -It may feel like forever until your next holiday but try to divide the year into different parts. A sub target can be the Christmas holiday or just the upcoming weekend.

8. Find your purpose-We need to feel motivated and that we have a purpose at our jobs. Try to formulate your purpose.

9. Just do it -Just like going to the gym – just do it! There is no other way!

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