The year 2020 will forever be ear marked in the history books. Granted it was a low blow to a lot of entities and individuals at varying degrees, but still there were those moments we look back at and smile at the progress we made despite the challenges.

Through the challenges faced by many NGOs, SAFOD included, we however have a few silver linings we can be happy about and can say that 2020 wasn’t a total loss. Here are a few that we are proud to have achieved in 2020:

  • COVID19 response workshop and capacity building
  • Strategic framework (2021-2025) validation workshop
  • Resource mobilization framework validation workshop
  • Policy and stakeholder influence strategic plan

All these workshops were virtual as is the norm these days and they were all a sounding success, if we could say so ourselves, of course with a minor technical problem from one or two member affiliates. The COVID 19 workshop and training shed light on a lot of issues faced by PWDs in this pandemic and how they feel they can be helped.                                                                                                                                       

More suggestions were backed also by the on-going survey on COVID 19 and PWDs in southern African region-, which will greatly enhance the  regional response strategy for persons with disabilities with  that now we have statistical information to support our response strategy and inform other stakeholders as to how they can involve PWDs in the forming and implantation of COVID19 response strategies keeping the theme of inclusivity.

One thing that SAFOD secretariat desperately needed was a resource mobilization team and last year was the year that we finally created that department which will help in sourcing funds amongst other tasks, which will come in handy in executing the strategic plan for the next 5years, all the frameworks were tied in nicely in the strategic framework (2021-2025) . Finally, we were able to hold our AGM which has been set to take place every 2years, where a new board was elected which will lead us into the new year and in ensuring that smooth running of the NGO.

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