I’m sure there are many papers on this topic, but hear me out. Youth are categorized as people between the ages of 18-35 years. The youth are the future leaders, I’m sure we have heard that being said more than once, however what does it really mean? This is the most vibrant, influential and in my opinion vulnerable group of people. When you consider the vulnerability of youth, they are hardly let in on big decision making sit downs, they are not employed or under employed, they are hardly ever listened to, and those with disabilities are far worse when it comes to such considerations on top of the already existing barriers they face, however youth with disabilities have certain abilities that also put them in a place to compete in the world, all they need is a chance and this goes to all the youth.

 People in this age group make up the biggest resource base for any country that wants to make any positive and meaningful developments. Youth have a lot of roles and responsibilities in the different areas of developing a country and subsequently the world. Throughout history, they have been challenging status quo and calling for change in a lot of things.

The growth of a country has many moving parts that need constant and close watch which determine how the economy develops. Newer and innovative perspectives are needed and that is where the youth come in, to bring in their knowledge of technologies and the knowledge of how the trend of the world is growing. The role of youth in growing the economy of a country is one that cannot be undermined, however it is seen that most of them are on the sidelines when it comes to decision making and shaping countries. Fresher minds need to be handed the baton to carry on the work and build upon it, this is why there is a retirement age, and to allow them to be the agents of change they are supposed to be. It is vital that youth are given the opportunities and the support they need to make significant contribution that will move the country forward, lest we find ourselves stuck in the past while the rest of the world has moved.

With the world now being taken online, we have become one huge country without borders thanks to the internet. This opens up opportunities for skill exchange and possibly foreign investment, thus bringing about diversification, and because of the youthful curiousness, they are never shy to try out new adventures. Nurturing such zeal is a necessity for every nation’s survival and enhancement; equip the workforce and the country will move forward smoothly.

 When you look at the youths in your country what contributions are they making towards building the economy, what could they be doing and why, if they are, failing to make substantial contributions to the country’s growth. Like, share and comment your views.

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