The Organisational Development in Southern Africa Project

The Organisational Development Project is part of the FFO’s Theory of Change, to contribute to organisation development and Human Rights training that empowers its partner organizations. FFO’s partner organizations, such as SAFOD, contribute to change in attitude towards persons with disabilities in society in general, in governments and other spheres. Strategic Goal: The project will strengthen SAFOD asContinue reading “The Organisational Development in Southern Africa Project”

Lobbying Government Departments on Accessible Social Services in Botswana

The Botswana Federation of Disabled People (BOFOD) has noted that disabled persons with disabilities face a host of discriminatory practices, including human rights abuses, which were often not brought to the fore. Botswana population of people with disabilities has very little to show for two decades of democracy. Like all countries in the world, weContinue reading “Lobbying Government Departments on Accessible Social Services in Botswana”

The Status of Disability Policy Discussions In Zambia

According to the World Health Organization estimates, about 2 million women and men in Zambia, or 15 per cent of the population, have a disability. The Government of Zambia has adopted a number of laws and policies pertaining to persons with disabilities. The current 2012 draft Zambian constitution includes specific provisions for persons with disabilitiesContinue reading “The Status of Disability Policy Discussions In Zambia”

How Persons with Disabilities are claiming inclusion in Zambia

The Government of the Republic of Zambia revised the Sixth National Development Plan to align it to the aspirations of the Patriotic Front manifesto. However, Persons with Disabilities are concerned that the revised version is not pro disability as the mainstreaming of disability issues is not prominent. The major concern that has been raised isContinue reading “How Persons with Disabilities are claiming inclusion in Zambia”